Delivered By
C.C. Risenhoover
Delivered On
April 17, 2016
Central Passage
Jude 1:1
Christianity vs. Islam

April 17, 2016


“…To those who have been called, who are loved by God the Father and kept by Jesus Christ…” (Jude: 1.1).

There is an organized genocide of Christians going on throughout the world…and no one seems all that concerned about stopping it.  In our country we’re much too comfortable with our interpretation of what Christianity ought to be…to making sure it fits our particular lifestyle…than in caring much about the suffering and death of Christians in faraway places with names that are difficult to pronounce.

That’s because “me” religion…along with apostasy…takes center stage in America.  There’s more concern about getting the latest cell phone…or some new app for one’s cell phone…than about Christians who are being murdered because of their faith.  And, the predominant attitude is…it can’t happen here.

And, by the way, any similarity between “me” religion and real Christianity is purely coincidental.  A “me” religion focuses on the personal “wants” of an individual…not on God the Father…God the Son…and God the Holy Spirit.  So the foundation on which “me” religion is based is “What’s in it for me.”

As for this “Age of Apostasy” in which we now live…much of it…possibly all…has been fueled by “me” religion.  In fact, “me” religionists are just as responsible for the genocide going on against Christians in the world as are the Islamists who are perpetrating it.  That’s because “me” religionists don’t care about what’s happening to somebody else…only about what’s happening to them.

“Me” religion is contrary to everything Jesus taught and did.  Think…if you will…about Jesus as a man.  He was selfless…”Me” people are selfish.  He gave…they take.

Islam is based on “me” religion.  Muhammad…the founder of this alleged great religion…was strictly a “me” person…just as some alleged Christians are “me” people.  Do you know someone…or have you ever met someone…who turned against the church and Jesus Christ because they didn’t get their way?

I doubt that you have to think very long before someone pops up in your mind.  In fact, you can probably come up with an entire photo album of folks who have taken “me” religion to that extreme.

So the idea of an illiterate Arab turning on a contingent of Jews for their unwillingness to name him a prophet shouldn’t be too hard to grasp.  And, when I refer to him as illiterate…that doesn’t mean that I question his shrewdness.  The man knew how to manipulate people…many of whom thought they were of superior intellect to him.

If you recall…when Muhammad and his few followers fled Mecca and ended up in Medina…he volunteered his services there as an arbiter of disputes.  It was probably not a sought-after job…but Muhammad turned it into a means of getting his way.

When he got ticked off at the Jews of Medina for causing him to lose face…he set out to win the collusion of pagans…most of whom at the time respected the Jews.  This interlude gave him time to plot their demise…which began with a benign treaty called the “Constitution of Medina.”  This treaty granted Muhammad the sole right to arbitrate disputes…and bound all parties involved…Muslims, pagans and Jews…to a peaceful coexistence.

You wouldn’t have to own a thousand camels to know that someone would eventually do something to violate the treaty.  Muhammad had set it up so that a Jew would do exactly that…which would give him the chance to take his revenge out on the entire Jewish community…all with the appearance of legality.

We also have to remember that Jews at Medina signed this treaty…just as Israel will sign a treaty with the Antichrist during the Tribulation period spoken of in Revelation.  Maybe the Jews in Medina thought Muhammad would quit bugging them about prophethood if he was busy with politics.

Unfortunately for them…he didn’t devote himself entirely to politics, but enticed other pagan Arabs to join his then small army in pursuit of plunder and sex.  With Medina as his base…he began leading his pagan army in attacks on caravans traveling between Mecca and Syria.  And, of course, they always outnumbered the people they were attacking by a large margin…which ensured victory.

But, that’s the Muslim way…engage in battles with unarmed people…primarily women and children…and then declare that you’ve won a great victory.  So, please, do as certain people in government want and give up your weapons…and depend on the mercy of these people toward you.

Muhammad distributed the women and girls captured on his caravan raids to be sex slaves for his male followers.  Of course, he kept some for himself.

When some of his followers complained to Muhammad that if they were killed in battle they wouldn’t get to enjoy the extra sex that he promised…he came up with the heavenly virgin story.  He actually redefined Judeo-Christianity’s heaven as an enormous God-owned bordello in the sky.  And, Muslim men today continue to buy into that story.  That’s all heaven is to them.

When some of his followers questioned whether there would be enough virgins in heaven for them to get the number Muhammad had promised them…he had a ready answer, inserted in the Qur’an...chapter 56:34-36, which describes such women as “…a rare creation…we have made them ever virgins.”

Muslim scholars…if there is such a thing…describe these heavenly beings as a rare, incomparable and distinctive kind of virgin precisely because, once deflowered, they become physically virginal again for the next sex act.

If you question why we need to know the kind of goofy stuff that’s found in the Qur’an…it’s not out of fear of the people who believe it…it’s because we shouldn’t be ignorant of what’s coming.  And, despite what some people may tell you…America is already awash with this kind of goofiness…and a lot more is on the way.

You can listen to the politicians…or you can listen to the truth.  And, the truth is that Islam is based on violence, sex and money…so the difference between Christ’s teaching and Muhammad’s teaching is as different as the brightest possible day and the darkest possible night.

Consider what Mark 12:25 tells us Jesus said about people who were welcomed into God’s presence “…they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.”

Also, the Bible tells us that when Christians get to heaven they will spend their time worshiping God…and casting their crowns at His feet.  But, Muslim men are promised that in their heaven they will do exactly what demons do if given the choice.  Their view of heaven is that it will be all about sex and self-gratification.

It was the ruthless enticement of the male sex drive…plus the prospect of bountiful earthly plunder…that brought a majority of Medina’s pagan men into Muhammad’s fold.  And, it still is.  When you hear about a Muslim male today who has been wired with explosives…and who walks into a crowd and detonates them…you can be sure that he bought into Muhammad’s pernicious fantasy.

You can also take note of the fact that Islamic leadership never willingly blows themselves up for the team…or takes the point in leading the team against an armed force.  Unless their foes are unarmed men, women and children, they direct from afar.  They epitomize cowardice.

Muslims will tell you that one of Muhammad’s crowning achievements…proof of his alleged invincibility and claim of prophethood…was the “Battle of Badr.”  This occurred when on one of his caravan raids a force larger than his 330 man army engaged them.  They killed 49 of this force from Mecca…primarily because many in the Meccan group recognized relatives among Muhammad’s gang and would not fight them.  Muhammad’s people had no such qualms.  They had been taught that loyalty to Islam overrode all other human bonds.  And, that’s spelled out clearly in the Qur’an (9:23-24; 58:22-23).

When the severed head of one of the Meccans slain at Badr was dumped at Muhammad’s feet, he allegedly said, “It is more acceptable to me than the choicest camel in Arabia.”

Just so you’ll know…Muslims, along with many people in the world…give Muhammad and Jesus the same status as prophets.  How they can liken the two in any way is incomprehensible to me. Jesus never asked for…or delighted in…the severed head of anyone…even those who were committed to murdering Him.

Arabs and Jews had for years lived in peace in Medina…but after Badr Muhammad set out to destroy that peace…and to win the complicity of Arabs in doing it.  He began by systematically ordering a series of heinous assassinations of individual Arabs.  Once Arabs accepted seeing their own people murdered for offending him…they were more accepting the wholesale slaughter of Jews.

Hitler, by the way, subscribed to this same logic.  His plan for one world government with him as its head was patterned after Muhammad’s alleged revelations and actions…terrorizing and murdering unarmed people.  Both these men possessed the spirit of the antichrist.

Muhammad’s plan was to terrorize and slaughter a few people for the benefit of Islam…and to reap the conversion of many.  It worked for him some 1,400 year ago…and it’s still working today.  The majority of people worldwide are going to choose Islam over being murdered.

But, back to the Jewish situation that Muhammad faced.  It escalated when a Muslim man killed a Jewish goldsmith of a particular tribe for publicly embarrassing his wife.  Members of the tribe then killed the Muslim man…causing Muhammad to declare that the Constitution of Medina was no longer valid.  He then launched an attack against the Jews from this particular tribe.

The siege lasted 15 days…but with their supply line cut…the Jews finally surrendered.  Muhammad immediately wanted to kill every Jewish male…but some Arabs of conscience balked at the idea.  To appease these Arabs, Muhammad allowed this tribe of Jews to leave Medina for Syria with only what they could carry.  Syria, at the time, was primarily Christian.  All homes, land and possessions left by the dispersed Jews became the property of Muslims…with Muhammad claiming one-fifth of the bounty for himself.

Initially there were three distinct Jewish tribes in Medina.  After banishing the first, it was easy enough for Muhammad to banish the second…an even wealthier tribe…which meant even more riches for him.

If the three tribes had banded together…history might have been changed.  But, they didn’t.  And, that sealed the gruesome fate of the third tribe.  They were first required to give up all their weapons…and after they did Muhammad ordered that every Jewish man be beheaded.

Are we seeing a pattern here?  Muhammad had become the government in Medina.  So, by all means give up your weapons and trust a Muhammad-style dictatorship to protect you.

Muslim sources proudly proclaim that Muhammad himself presided over 500 beheadings…five at a time.  Others put the number at 900.  The wives and daughters of all the Jewish men that were beheaded became sex slaves for Muslim men.  Jewish boys who were not needed for labor…or old enough to avenge the murder of their fathers…were sold for profit.

Muhammad took the wife of a Jewish man he beheaded as one of his concubines.  The eradication of Jews in Medina indicated that he no longer needed their endorsement of his claim to being a prophet.  He named himself a prophet…and anyone who disagreed with his proclamation was murdered.  His legacy continues.  His followers today take revenge on anyone who dares question Muhammad’s prophethood.

I’ve presented just a few of the evil and violent actions of Muhammad that formed the 109 war verses in the Qur’an.  The more he ratcheted up his levels of violence…the more he kept naming God as his accomplice.

Muslim aggression against non-Muslims is authorized in dozens of verses in the Qur’an.  And, jihad (war) is declared against anyone who does not acknowledge Muhammad as a prophet…or who suggests that his Qur’an is not inspired by God.  All who do not accept both are infidels.

It’s important for you to know that there is no such thing as peaceful co-existence with Islam.  It is a political ideology based on a one world government that goes under the guise of being a religion.  And, despite what some politicians and media pundits say…we’re at war with Islam.

You must understand that when you deal with the Muslim mind…you’re not dealing with something that freedom-loving people understand.  The Muslim mind believes that fighting those of us who are infidels…especially Christians and Jews…must continue until Islam is the only government left standing.  The Muslim mind believes that government and religion are one in the same.  So freedom of religion…they think…is one of the victims that must be left lying in the sand.

For Christians to fight against this Satan-inspired ideology is not wrong…it is, instead, a part of evangelism.  While that may sound strange to some…we are called on by a loving God to hold back the forces of evil in order to present to the lost their only hope for eternal life with Him…that hope being Jesus Christ.  So it’s not wrong to combat anyone…or anything…that focuses on whatever opposes the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

So I repeat again those things that we must understand are in opposition to what we are called to do.  They are Islam, the abortion and homosexual movements, and churches that lack spiritual discernment.

What does it mean to be as Scripture says, “…those who have been called, who are loved by God the Father and kept by Jesus Christ…”?

It means fearlessness about the future.  It means…as Scripture says, “…mercy, peace and love in abundance.”

We stand on the brink of a great chasm…Christianity on one side and the forces of evil on the other.  Satan is attempting to bridge the chasm with his forces.  With God’s help we have to destroy the bridge and give hope to the world through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me…” (Psalm 23:4).

I can’t possibly imagine how many brave souls who have gone on before us who have quoted that verse…but if you have fear of any kind, just know that you can eliminate that fear when you trust in Jesus Christ.  You can be kept by Him…and you can have mercy, peace and love in abundance.

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