Delivered By
C. C. Risenhoover
Delivered On
August 28, 2016
Central Passage
Isaiah 62:6


          “I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night.  You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest” (Isaiah 62:6).

         It’s happening throughout the world...Christians being enslaved, tortured and murdered…and Bibles being torn up, shredded and burned.  But you don’t hear much about it because the media and our government fear those who are doing it…namely Islamic jihadists.

          On the other hand…if a Muslim is offended in any way…or if the Qur’an is criticized or merely critiqued for content…woe be to the person or entity that mouths anything negative about Muhammad or the Qur’an.  That’s considered hateful and disgraceful behavior…punishable by death from those enamored with… and under the spell of this satanic ideology.  Those who speak truth about the content of the Qur’an are reported to be both racist and Islamophobic by the liberal media…and they’re also condemned by our government.

          As to why…there’s a simple explanation.  Media and government have nothing to fear from Christians…but they have everything to fear from Islam.

          After all, Jesus never beheaded anyone…nor did He burn anyone alive.  And He didn’t encourage His followers to engage in the torture of…and crucifixion of fellow human beings.  He also didn’t rape women and little girls…or enslave them…and He didn’t sodomize children.

          Islamists can’t say the same about their revered prophet Muhammad…who engaged in every conceivable kind of murder and perversion known to humankind.  As a result…we now have at the walls of civilized society many…if not most Muslim men…who aspire to be just like Muhammad in terms of deranged depravity.  They lust for every form of murder and sexual perversion that was practiced by their dead leader…and many attempt to even exceed it.  They seek to have the mind of Muhammad.

          Unfortunately, many of these bloodthirsty perverts have already scaled the walls of civilized society and are among us.  They’re just waiting for the imams in many mosques financed by our government to give the order to attack.

          So with these hordes of want-to-be serial murderers at the gate…and many inside it…the government wants to take our guns and arm us with more tolerance…and with a false sense of security in believing that they’re in control of the situation.

          Well, General George S. Patton issued this statement following World War II, a statement I believe he would utter today were he still alive: “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth.  Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politicians.”

          Draw your own conclusions from what General Patton said.  But I believe he was murdered for speaking truth on a number of highly political issues.  When it came to the desire to protect America…General Patton was a true watchman on the wall.  I can only speculate about what he would say about what’s going on in our country today.

          Some people have gotten their noses out of joint because I’ve been diligent in warning them about the evil political ideology that goes by the name Islam.  I make no apology for saying that this so-called religion was created in a deranged mind…and forged by Satan in the fires of hell.  Islam is nothing more than unmitigated evil traveling under the guise of being a peaceful religion.  And what’s going to happen to our country and the world because of Islam…what’s already happening as a result of this unfettered evil…is simply prophecy being fulfilled.

          Islam is taking us full throttle toward a one world government…and a one world religion…with Satan as its head.  We know, of course, from Scripture that Satan can’t win…that eventually he’s going to get his come-uppance…but before that happens a lot of people will feel the fiery breath of his brand of torture and death.

          God has called me to be a watchman on the wall…and I believe He has called many of you to be the same.  And if I don’t warn people about what’s trying to slither over and under the wall He has called me to protect…I’m failing my calling.

          My latest book…Make Some Noise…which exposes the agendas of the abortion and homosexual communities…and, of course, Islam…is being sold worldwide.  Sales are brisk in Europe, Israel, Taiwan and South Korea.  But years ago Germany, France, Italy and Spain refused to place watchmen on their walls…so it’s too late for them.  They have become victims of the Islamic menace that threatens the entire world…and England will soon follow them.

          In Isaiah’s day…cities in the Middle East were fortified by walls that surrounded them…and people were assigned to stand atop these walls to watch for enemies that might attack without warning.  They were, in fact, the first lines of defense for a city.

          In the Scripture we read earlier…God provided an unusual application to this familiar sight.  He described these watchmen as those who cry to Him on behalf of the city.  They were not called to watch out…but to cry out.  They were to pray that God would establish Jerusalem as the praise of the earth.

          This was not a simple assignment.  In fact, it was looked at as an impossible task.  The people were exiled in foreign lands…and the city was lying in ruins.  Yet God promised that Jerusalem would be restored…and not just restored…but that it would become a glory and a praise of the earth.  He promised that nations and kings would sit up and take notice…that in time they would acknowledge the glory and beauty of this city.

          Now these watchmen didn’t have a brainstorming session…then vote on what weapons to use to protect the city.  They simply accepted their assignment and what would happen as a result of God’s promise.  Prayer was God’s idea for weaponry…not theirs.

          But there’s a connection here…and it’s a good one.  On the one hand we have the promises of God…and on the other we have the prayers of the watchmen.  That’s what makes the connection clear.  God wants people to pray so that His promise can become a reality.

          We’re called to do the first part…which is to pray.  Only then will we see the second part…which is Jerusalem being established as the praise of the earth.

          What does that mean exactly?  Well, I don’t believe God is talking about some majestic city built by the hands of man.  Jerusalem will become a glory and praise of earth when all people acknowledge that it was in this city where Jesus died on a cross for their sins…and it’s where He was resurrected from the dead.

          Jerusalem represents…through Jesus…victory over sin and death…and eternal life for every Christian in what will be the New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven.

          God wants His watchmen on the wall to pray until His promise is fulfilled.  The first part isn’t to stop if you don’t see the second part happening.  Without prayer you’re not going to see God’s blessings…and you’re not going to see His works.

          This is a powerful view of prayer.  Prayer is taking hold of what God has promised and laying claim to it.  Whatever mountain you’re facing in life…pray God’s will be done and it will disappear.  With prayer…you’ll be able to deal with any obstacle or problem that comes your way.  But without prayer…you won’t be able to deal with or overcome those obstacles and problems.

          Simply put, it’s up to you to pray that God’s will for your life…and for this church…become reality.  God ties the accomplishing of His will to His people’s willingness to pray.

          Look at Ezekiel 22:30, when God is about to destroy the land because of the evil people in it.  That’s when God said, “I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.”

          God will accomplish His will in our lives through prayer.  God will accomplish His purposes in our church through prayer.  Prayer is always centered around and in the will of God.

          But God needs watchmen on the wall…and He needs people who will stand boldly in those gaps that are in the wall.  So He says to us, “You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.”

          So pray and take no rest from praying.  Keep crying out to God until the Cross and the empty tomb are the praise of the earth.  And remember that God doesn’t need to be reminded of His promises.  But each of us need the exercise of praying the promises of God.

          When we do that we’re reminding ourselves of His promises…truly appreciating what He has promised…and truly understanding His ways and seeing more clearly His will for our situation.

          Prayer is not for God’s sake…it’s for ours.  We’re called to be watchmen on the wall because that’s God’s desire for us.  He’s looking for a people who will stand with Him in His purposes.  He’s looking for intercessors who will pray according to His will.

          We’re to pray and never be silent…both day and night…and we’re to do that until we see God’s will accomplished.  God has tied the accomplishing of His will to the willingness of His people to pray.

          That means persistent prayer…giving yourself no rest until God’s will is accomplished.  We’re to come to God again and again and again…until God’s will for what we’re praying for and about is fully accomplished.

          In Luke 11:9-10 Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

          The verbs used in these verses are interesting…because they indicate a persistence in coming to God.  We’re to ask…and to keep on asking.  We’re to seek…and to keep on seeking.  We’re to knock…and to keep on knocking.

          The verbs in the passage also indicate an increasing sincerity and commitment in seeking to have our prayers answered.  To ask is one thing…but to seek implies greater effort.  And to knock implies even greater persistence.

          We’re told in the book of James that we don’t have because we don’t ask.  If we really want to see God’s activity in our lives…we must ask for it.  If we really want to see God move in our church…we must ask for it.  If we really want to see God move in our world…we must ask for it.

          In 2 Chronicles 7:14 God told Solomon, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

          What God told Solomon is just as true for America today as it was for ancient Israel.  Unfortunately, prayer is a privilege that we take too much for granted.  It’s so readily available to us that often we don’t avail ourselves of the opportunity to pray…possibly because the opportunity is always there.

          Obviously, it does no good to pray that the past be changed.  Prayer is about the future.  We can only pray for what is in the future.

          We can actually touch God through prayer…but only when we actually take the time to do it.  We need to pray and pray some more because in Matthew 21:13, Jesus said, “My house will be called a house of prayer.”

          Prayer should be the central and distinguishing mark of Christ’s church…but it should also be the distinguishing mark of every Christian and every ministry…and it shouldn’t be confined to a specific location.

          If you commit to being a watchman on the wall…you’re committing to praying…and to keep on praying until it makes a difference.  You’re committing to crying out to God day and night…taking no rest until He accomplishes His purpose in your life and for this church.

          God is calling some of you…hopefully all of you…to be a watchman on the wall.  And this church is the wall that He has given you.  You’re called by the One who has made a difference in your life…to cry out day and night in prayer…to never cease praying that He will accomplish His purpose in your life and for this church.

          Alfred Tennyson said, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”

          So let your voice rise like a geyser day and night.  Speak prayer…think prayer…and dream prayer.  If you know God…the way you should know God…lift your hands in prayer and ask God to accomplish His purpose through you…and ask Him to through you to accomplish His purpose for this church.

          God didn’t call you to have the mind of a sheep or goat that nourishes a blind life within their brain.  He called you to spread His salt and light throughout the world.  He called you to a specialness of purpose…which some of you have denied.

          It’s time for each of us to accept the role God has given us in His kingdom.  If you haven’t yet accepted that role…God is today calling you to become a watchman on the wall.

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