We Are Led By the Spirit of Christ


We call ourselves a “burning bush congregation” because, like Moses, we approach the burning bush and listen to what God tells us to do – and we do it.  He speaks to us in multiple ways, but always through His Holy Spirit and the Bible, His Holy Word.

We call our music ministry “Holy Ground” because that’s what surrounds the burning bush.

First and foremost we’re a missional church, striving to emulate the life and ministry of Jesus in the world; and focusing on three primary Christian concepts: Worship Gathering, Local Disciple-Making and Global Disciple-Making.  We’re being led by the Spirit of Christ on both an inward and outward journey of faith, fulfilling the Great Commission through education, fellowship, mission and outreach.  In so doing, we affirm:

  • The Lordship of Christ
  • The Authority of the Scripture
  • The Competence of the Individual Believer
  • The Autonomy of the Local Church
  • The Separation of Church and State
  • A Worldwide Mission

The Church on Thistle Ridge is neither contemporary nor traditional; it is Biblical – patterned after the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit inspired writers of the New Testament.  We are a missional, autonomous body of believers governed by a group of elders selected by the body. 

We have chosen to support the ministries of the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT), Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), Paluxy Baptist Association (PBA) and a number of other organizations.  But, as an autonomous body under the leadership of Jesus Christ, we are under no obligation to support any denomination, association or organization.

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The Church on Thistle Ridge
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  July 2018